All-Singing, All-Dancing Demo

Really Important Introductory Bit

So here’s the problem. We, the slightly sinister collective who run the Worldwide Subbub Organisation, are unbelievably excited about this thing we’ve put together. But how are we going to convey this enthusiasm to our potential customers?

Now we could put together some kind of slick video, I guess, but do you really want to sit through another one of those? Wouldn’t you rather just play with it and see for yourself how it all fits together?

You would? Good.

So this is what we’ve done. We’ve put together an entire demo system running alongside the live one, where you can see what the system looks like as a manager, reader or writer. It’s only got a couple of markets at the moment, but we’ll probably add more as time goes on. The clever bit is that all the buttons that can actually affect the database have been disabled for the demo system, so you can play with it to your heart’s content safe in the knowledge that you won’t accidentally break something.

As if you would.

What a Manager Sees

This is what the system looks like to the chap who manages the annual Ghost Writers competition for deceased authors, and this is what it looks like to his twin brother who is behind the one-off Magnificent Anthology of Excellent and Conveniently Out-of-Copyright Stories. (In case you’re interested, there’s more about these guys here.)

If it’s continuous assessment that you’re interested in, this is what the system looks like to the eminent literary agent Diana Cheeseman, who uses it to manage her Dead Poets Daily side project. (There’s more about Diana and her clients here, by the way.)

What a Reader Sees

The system looks a bit different to the people appointed by the managers to read the submissions. For example, this is what it looks like to a formidable critic who has somehow been raised from the dead to help out judging the Ghost Writers short stories. And here’s the view from a celeb who’s also helping out with the Magnificent Anthology of Excellent and Conveniently Out-of-Copyright Stories.

What a Writer Sees

The writer’s view of the world is different again (but then again, we know that). This is what the system looks like to one particular famous horror writer from the past. Here are a couple more hopeful entrants.


We realise that branding is very important, so we’ve added the capability to integrate the submission process into your market’s own website. For example, this link will take you directly to an instance of the submission page that is open only for the Ghost Writers Competition, displaying the logo for that competition. When the writer has completed the submission process they will be taken back here rather than the Subbub dashboard.

Even better, if the website for your market is running under WordPress, we have a plugin available for you to use that provides you with a simple shortcode such as [subbub_submit market=2] to generate this amazingly neat little button that performs the same function:

What now?

So you’ve had a play with the demo and you’re thinking that this might just be the thing you’re looking for to help manage the submissions to your market. What do you do now?

The simple answer is: click on this link, which will take you to the page that gives our pricing options. You’ll be asked to create a user account on the way, unless you have one already. This is purely so we can have your contact details in the same way as any other user of the system.

The selection process is pretty transparent and you should be able to work out which tier looks the best for you. If it turns out that you’ve underestimated your requirements, you can upgrade at any time and any additional fee will be pro-rated according to the time left in your current plan.

Finally, if there’s anything you’d like to see in Subbub that doesn’t appear to be there yet, drop us a line here. It’s entirely possible that the feature you need is there but not visible in the demo. Alternatively, if it isn’t currently there, we’ll be very happy to consider adding it. We move very fast at Subbub.