Tracked Works CSV Import Format

You can use a comma-separated variable file to upload several works and submissions in one go. The first row should identify which fields are being provided and each subsequent row should give the value for each of those fields for a single work/submission combination.

The only mandatory fields are:

  • Title – the title of the work being tracked
  • Format – the format of the work (for example Novel, Short story, Poem and so on)
  • Response – the response of the market (for example, Accepted, Rejected, Second place and so on)
  • Market – the name of the market being submitted to.

The following optional fields may also be provided. Please note that not all of them are appropriate to every submission:

  • WordCount – the word count of the work
  • Type – the type of the submission (Full, Partial, Query, Proposal or Extract)
  • Event – the event within the market
  • Category – the category within the event
  • SubmissionDate – the date when the submission was made (dd/mm/yyyy format)
  • ViaAgent – whether or not the submission was made via an agent
  • ResponseDate – the date when the latest response was received
  • PublicationDate- the date when the work was published
  • Issue – the name or number of the Issue of the publication where the work appeared
  • UsePublicationDate – flag to indicate whether or not the publication date is to be used to identify the publication (typically used where there isn’t an issue name or number)
  • URL – the URL of the published work.